Store Hours
7am - 12am Everyday

                      August Special

    - 11am-2pm $1 off Iced Latte    
    - 3-6pm $1 off Cold Brew

Conveniently located near Downtown Portland, the Pearl District, and the lively 23rd Avenue, Coffee Time is in the heart of NW Portland’s 21st Avenue neighborhood. Coffee Time has been a local favorite since 1994. We are more than just a coffee shop; we are a community hub where friendships are formed, local artists are highlighted, students come to study, and of course, great coffee is appreciated.

During 2014 we are celebrating Coffee Time's 20th year birthday! To celebrate we are offering 2 Happy Hours a day each month, and hosting a community night every Sunday night from 6pm - 8pm (See Upcoming Events for more details.). We've made some great updates to our store over the past couple of months, but at our core we are the same community coffee shop with a renewed passion to offer a great cup of coffee in a comfortable space.

Artist of the Month:
Lavaun Heaster

Lavaun Heaster has enjoyed creating art since childhood and when Lavaun's vision was affected by diabetes she had to find a new way to express her creativity. She tried paper cut outs then started using card stock and construction paper for the sensations on the fingers. Lavaun now creates tactile art for her friends with low or no vision. Lavaun is curious about varying cultural practices and belief's having grown up in a multiethnic family and currently living with a multiethnic partner. She enjoys researching her art pieces and continually learning. Growing up Lavaun looked for cards with brown women to reflect you mother's beauty. She often found brown women with brown children and only recently she realized that she had to make a choice as to which family members got reflected in these cards. Lately Lavaun has been exploring the color blending that is and has been happening in many families to fill a gap in the art world.

Inspired by the vibrant art, ethnic communities, inclusion efforts and disability scene in Portland, OR Lavaun is combining her passions to create original art.